Hunt Country Furniture

Premium Wooden Furniture
Made in the USA


  Hunt Country Furniture has been providing premium wooden pieces for restaurants and hotels worldwide. The simplicity of classic lines and the strength of solid wood make Hunt Furniture the perfect complement to virtually any interior design theme. The fine quality and strength of our handsome commercial furniture have been enjoyed by many facilities across the country including Cracker Barrel, Hilton Hotels, Walt Disney World, Marriott, Vassar College, and so many more.  

For over 97 years, Hunt Country Furniture has been producing handcrafted quality furniture using traditional woodworking techniques. Our artisans build elegant, timeless creations constructed to suit today’s demanding design requirements perfectly. If you don’t see a product that’s a perfect fit, call us. We can work with you to custom-design pieces that work with your vision.

  Our commitment to you is simplicity, quality, comfort, strength, and durability for many years— all backed up with a 12 year craftsmanship warranty.  It is your guarantee that each piece you buy from Hunt Country Furniture has been created with the quality of an heirloom and the charm of an antique.  The Hunt collection represents many years of experience in handcrafting wood furniture, characterized by its simple functional design, superb workmanship, and the warmth of solid wood. Each piece is crafted to maintain the historic authenticity and beauty of timeless styles.

Our factory includes facilities for the Hunt retail division and the commercial sales division which serves the restaurant and hospitality industry nationwide. Rest assured that each piece we sell is all hand-worked, handcrafted, and hand-finished using techniques handed down from our forefathers. 

Discover Hunt Country Furniture for yourself.