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Wooden Furniture vs Synthetic Furniture: Which Should You Pick?
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Wooden Furniture vs Synthetic Furniture: Which Should You Pick?

The furniture industry is a booming business with new designs and products being released every day. When it comes to furniture, consumers have a few different types of materials that you can choose from.

Wood is the traditional choice, but there is also synthetic furniture that’s rising in popularity. Each option has its own unique set of benefits and disadvantages. Whereas natural materials like wood are prized for their warmth and organic beauty, synthetic materials are prized for their resistance to wear and tear, easy cleaning, and low maintenance.

In this article, we’re going to help you decide which kind of furniture you need: wooden or synthetic.

Pros of Synthetic Furniture

Synthetic furniture is made from man-made materials like plastic and metal, so it doesn’t easily scratch and dent like wooden furniture. It comes in a variety of styles and vibrant colors, so you can choose from a wide array of options. Synthetic furniture is generally less expensive than its wooden counterpart and it is light-weight, which makes it easier to lift and shuffle around. Because of the synthetic materials, furniture of this kind isn’t vulnerable to the elements and doesn't require as much cleaning and maintenance. It is resistant to moisture and insect infestation, so it won’t rot over time.


Cons of Synthetic Furniture

Synthetic furniture may be cheaper than wooden furniture yet it can be quite plain-looking compared to wood and doesn't hold up as well over time. It is usually mass-produced, so the quality isn’t top-notch. It may last for a few years, wearing away from constant use without a good way to repair any damages. Due to its synthetic nature, it is also non-biodegradable and would contribute to pollution if not disposed correctly.


Pros of Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is known for its natural beauty and unique grain patterns, producing a warm, traditional look that a lot of people prefer. It can add character and elegance to any room because wood can be stained or painted to match other furniture and decorations. Wooden pieces are also made from natural materials, so they’re biodegradable and environmentally friendly compared to synthetic furniture. They are sturdy and can last for many years if properly taken care of. Small damages like scratches and chips on wooden furniture can be easily repaired with sealant, sanding, refinishing or repainting. Upon irreparable damage, the wood can be reclaimed and reused to form new furniture.


Cons of Wooden Furniture

Depending on the kind of materials used and the effort of construction, wooden furniture is often more expensive than synthetic furniture. This is because synthetic furniture is mostly manufactured in bulk by machines, while wooden furniture requires a certain amount of handcrafting. Most pre-made wooden furniture are also large, so it can be hard to find the right piece to fit into your space. These bigger items can be heavy and difficult to move around once they are assembled. You’d surely need help rearranging furniture like wooden beds and cabinets. Without proper care and maintenance, your wooden furniture will deteriorate too. If wood isn't properly sealed, it is prone to water damage and warping at extreme temperatures.

Some people swear by wooden furniture while others prefer the convenience of synthetic furniture. There are positive and negative aspects to both sides, but at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for a durable piece of furniture that will last for many years, then wooden furniture is the best option. However, if you are on a budget and are not concerned about durability, then synthetic furniture is a better choice.

If you’re one of the people who like wooden furniture better, you would definitely love our selection of high-quality wooden pieces. Just visit our store to take your pick.

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