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Get the Best Seat for Your Little One: Where to Buy A Baby High Chair
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Get the Best Seat for Your Little One: Where to Buy A Baby High Chair

When you're a new parent, there are so many things to think about when buying baby gear. One thing that's often a necessity is a baby high chair. This special seat made just for kids can be a lifesaver, giving your little one a safe and comfortable place to sit while they play and explore the world around them.

It’s a given that finding the right feeding chair should be at the top of your shopping list. There are many different types of baby high chairs on the market, from basic models to more elaborate ones with all sorts of bells and whistles. Whichever one you pick, though, you should be getting only the best for your precious child.

With this article, we’ll help guide you towards making the right purchase decision. Learn where you can buy feeding chairs to make your baby mealtimes a breeze.

What to Look for When Buying Play Seats for Babies

Materials and Construction

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the materials and the construction of the seat are suitable and secure for your little one. Babies can be tough to handle, so it's important to choose a high chair made from sturdy components that can withstand daily wear and tear. Look for play seats made from non-toxic materials such as BPA-free plastic or plain yet durable hardwood. These materials will be strong enough to carry a child’s weight and also gentle enough on your baby's skin, preventing any exposure to harmful chemicals that are present in some substances used in furniture-making. Moreover, find seats with reinforced assembly to ensure they hold up over time and they won’t fall on their side or collapse when your toddler wriggles and makes a fuss. If you can, make sure that your options are easy to clean and maintain too— after all, babies can be messy!

Safety Features

When it comes to buying play seats for babies, safety should be your top priority. You’d surely want your little one to be comfortable and safe while they're playing, away from possible dangers and harm. With that stated, make sure that any feeding chair you consider purchasing has a secure harness system. Ideally, this should be at least a 3-point harness that will prevent your baby from slipping down or out of the seat. It's also essential to ensure that the straps are adjustable so that you can customize the fit as your baby grows. If the chair you like doesn’t have a harness in place, then make sure that it at least allows the installation of a portable harness. Aside from that, another important safety feature to watch out for is stability. You don't want your baby taking a tumble every time they reach for a toy! The play seat must have a sturdy base that won't tip over easily. Look for seats with wide bases or ones that are weighted at the bottom. Additionally, check that the chair has non-slip feet or grips on the bottom to prevent sliding.


One of the most important aspects of a high chair is adjustability. Your baby is going to grow fast and they’ll likely outgrow their play seat sooner than you know it. An adjustable seat means that it can grow with them and be used for a longer period of time. To get the right adjustable chair, check if the seat has multiple recline positions. This allows you to change the angle of the backrest as your baby grows and becomes more comfortable sitting upright. Search for play seats that have adjustable trays or activity centers as well. These can be moved closer or further away from your kid depending on their size and reach. Lastly, don’t forget about height adjustment. The chair should be high enough for the baby, but not too high for it to pose a risk to the child’s safety. The taller the seat, the greater the danger will be if the kid somehow falls off of it. Having an adjustable chair can help you provide just the right height for your child. Plus, you can simply make it higher as they turn into a toddler.

The Best Places to Buy Feeding Chairs for Toddlers

Online Store Options

The first place we recommend checking out is not a physical place at all but a digital one— and that is the Internet. Ecommerce has taken over the world in recent years and even the furniture industry is no exception to this. There are plenty of online stores that sell furniture, allowing you to take a pick without going to an actual store or furniture showroom. These shops offer a vast selection of children’s feeding chairs from different brands and at various price points, making it easy to find something that fits your budget while also meeting your needs. The best part in buying your furniture online, though, is that most of these shops offer discounts, limited-time deals, and event sales, so you can get a high chair at a lower cost compared to buying it from a physical branch. Some even offer free shipping for your items if you reach a certain amount in your purchase. Online furniture stores handle everything from the order fulfillment to delivery, so you can expect to have your new feeding chair delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

Local Retailers

If you have the time and means to go window shopping for your baby’s play seat, then you must visit your local furniture retailers. From specialty baby outlets and department stores to furniture shops and on-call carpenters, there are plenty of nearby options available that cater to families with young children. The benefit of shopping for an feeding chair locally is that you’ll be able to see the actual seat in personal and assess its quality for yourself. You would know how it looks, how sturdy its materials are, and how good the craftsmanship is. Since the store or supplier is just within the neighborhood or in close proximity, then you can have it delivered to your house right away after purchase— no need to wait for long lead times. Though most local stores don’t offer the wide variety of options that online shops have in their repertoire, you can still find decent high chairs that would suit your child. Local carpenters can even custom-build a play seat for your kid if you want something that matches your exact preferences.

Secondhand Sources

When you’re on a tight budget and you don’t have enough money to spare for getting a brand-new high chair, secondhand furniture sellers are a great option to find affordable yet quality feeding chairs for toddlers. You can find many of these merchants on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or any other popular online selling website where a lot of people offer their preloved items. These platforms allow individuals to post items they’re selling locally, which means you can find some great deals right in your own community. Just be sure to inspect any potential purchases carefully before committing to buy and always meet in a public place for security. If you’re still wary of online transactions with strangers, then you may opt for thrift stores, consignment shops, and garage sales instead. Yes, they may require some digging and patience to find what you're looking for and sometimes you won’t find a high chair for sale, but they often have a variety of options at unbeatable prices since haggling is often allowed. You’ll never know what gems you may stumble upon while browsing through the aisles. If you search enough, you may just get a high-quality feeding chair at half or third of the market price.

Why You Should Find a High-Quality Feeding Chair

As a new parent, you always want the best for your little one. That’s why something as useful and important as a feeding chair should be included in your list of things to buy for your nursery. Not only does it provide a comfortable spot for you to feed your baby, but it also promotes good posture and can help reduce messes during mealtime.

Not all feeding chairs are durable and secure, however, so it's important to find a high-quality one that will last through multiple children and provide the support and comfort your baby needs. Plus, investing in a good feeding chair now will save you money in the long run by avoiding having to replace a cheap, flimsy seat down the road.

Speaking of high-quality play seats, Hunt Country Furniture should be up there when it comes to reliable suppliers of trustworthy baby chairs. Hunt has a high chair among the kids’ furniture it offers. This high chair features a sturdy, handcrafted frame made out of hardwood with a removable wooden tray and a leather strap harness to keep your baby safe and secure. It should be the best of the best when it comes to feeding seats, and because of its durability, your child would surely enjoy it until they become active toddlers.

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